That's odd…

By now the following should be common knowledge:  I don’t vote for philosphical reasons, and just because something shows up in the ad bar does not mean I support it.  That aside, I’ve noticed something odd in the Google advertizing.  Once in awhile it’ll spit out a presidential campaign ad, but (at least on my end) thus far it has ALWAYS been a McCain ad.  Why, I have no idea.

To the regular visitors: Has anyone seen it bring up any others, whether for Obama, Barr, or anyone else that’s running?

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3 Responses to That's odd…

  1. ka1igu1a says:

    nope, just McCain on my end as well…

  2. b psycho says:

    Dunno if it goes by keywords or if it’s just whoever buys ads for certain classes of sites or what, but that is a surprise. Maybe it’s just a matter of someone who sucks at finding their target market.

    I mean, even though I decline to vote you could still say there’s a difference in attitude. While I find Obama to be a typical mainstream liberal squish unfairly pumped up as if he’s a one-man revolution, & see Barr as a candidate of terrible timing, a last gasp at a fusionism that never worked and has to be abandoned for any meaningful progress to be possible, at least neither of them are observably batshit crazy.

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