Patriarchy: drastically overrated

Between the story about that polygamist compound in Texas & having to wait the other day at a restaurant behind a reform Amish family (“reform” because apparently someone drove them there; if I’m wrong, feel free to correct, it’s not like I follow that shit) trying to explain to the hostess or whatever they call ’em how many people were coming in after them, I got to thinking to myself. Here’s the result:

First, the obvious: As I’ve stated before, I don’t follow a religion, because in thinking about the concept of a deity I realized the possible outcomes are infinite, thus the odds of going the “right” path are zilch. To put it another way: Russian Roulette is already stupid, picking a religion is like Russian Roulette with all 6 chambers loaded. On top of this, culturally I’m about as Who Cares as one can possibly get, don’t want power over anybody else, and think a woman’s place is wherever the hell she feels like it. My grave would probably say “Eh, Whatever” on it. So I’m about 110% NOT the type that would ever go for such a philosophy.

In that respect, they didn’t lose me, they never would’ve had me. Now, PRACTICALLY speaking it puzzles me why the fuck any man would want such a life anyway. The man of the group I saw the other day looked like his pants were up to his neck, the wife (at least the one I saw; might’ve been others) had this glazed over look on her face like society itself confused her & was dressed two inches away from wearing a burka, and at least six kids were hanging off both of them. Eh, at least the kids were well-behaved, but regular people can get that without the extra baggage via the Whoopin’ method.

To each his own an’ all that, it just looked like torture to me. If I were the religious extremist/polygamist type, my compound would look…quite different. The family would fund our way of life by selling barbecue, beer & weed to outsiders, my goin’-to-town attire would be akin to “Cuban Linx”-era Ghostface, and all the women would have their own side jobs & tend to look like the girl in this video*:

Kids? What kids? Are you crazy?!?

Lemme know when a “prophet” comes along offering this, an’ I might reconsider…

(* – Edit: I am not liable if you read this site from work & playing that video gets you fired.)


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