Idiocy loves company

More about that speech at Wesleyan. All emphasis mine:

Obama chooses to introduce the notion of public service from an autobiographical point of view. In college, he explains, “I began to notice a world beyond myself.” So while his friends were seeking jobs on Wall Street, he applied for jobs as a grass-roots activist. And one day, a group of churches in Chicago offered him a job as a community organizer for “$12,000 a year plus $2,000 for an old, beat-up car.”

“And I said yes.” […]

Obama’s point is that he went on to do good in Chicago — and that the college graduates to whom he’s speaking should follow in his exemplary footsteps. Of course, most politicians do admire themselves and their excellent careers. So perhaps one shouldn’t make too much of Obama’s sin of self-regard.

More striking is Obama’s sin of omission. In the rest of the speech, he goes on to detail — at some length — the “so many ways to serve” that are available “at this defining moment in our history.” There’s the Peace Corps, there’s renewable energy, there’s education, there’s poverty — there are all kinds of causes you can take up “should you take the path of service.”

But there’s one obvious path of service Obama doesn’t recommend — or even mention: military service. He does mention war twice: “At a time of war, we need you to work for peace.” And, we face “big challenges like war and recession.” But there’s nothing about serving your country in uniform. […]

[A]t an elite Northeastern college campus, Obama obviously felt no need to disturb the placid atmosphere of easy self-congratulation. He felt no need to remind students of a different kind of public service — one that entails more risks than community organizing. He felt no need to tell the graduating seniors in the lovely groves of Middletown that they should be grateful to their peers who were far away facing dangers on behalf of their country.

No, I didn’t requote parts of that Frank Schaeffer column I picked apart already. The above is an NY Times columnist co-signing his view. A relatively new guy, just started w/ the Times this January actually. You might’ve heard of him, he co-founded a think tank back in ’97, currently edits a political magazine.

Yes, I’m talking about Bill fucking Kristol

Seriously, Bill Kristol is the type of person whose capacity for bad ideas and ridiculous logic is so deep & well-known that if he so much as says “2+2=4” you’re required to at least ponder the possibility it doesn’t. When he agrees with you, it’s time to rethink your foundations.


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