Ironic place for a land grab…

LOL…Remember that fence they were talking about building on the Mexican border?

Texas mayors and business leaders filed a class-action lawsuit Friday alleging Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff hoodwinked landowners into waiving their property rights for construction of a fence along the Mexican border.

Members of the Texas Border Coalition said Chertoff did not fairly negotiate compensation with landowners for access to their land for six-month surveys to choose fence sites. The coalition of mayors and business and community leaders is seeking an injunction to block work on the fence.

They also want a federal judge to rescind all the agreements with landowners and to order Chertoff to start again. The department has sought and won access from hundreds of landowners to determine where to build the fence and other barriers to illegal border crossings.

I don’t think this type of info spreads enough. People outside of border states act as if there’s some kind of buffer zone between the US & Mexico where there’s nothing, when in fact there’s a lot of cultural and economic straddle there — which the US government is promising to hack at with an ax. Hence the following:

Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada said the mayors are willing to work with Homeland Security to devise alternatives to the border fence.

“They are determined to build a wall to appease mid-America,” Ahumada said. “This is a political problem that’s being addressed at the expense of all the border communities.” (emphasis mine)

For another angle on this, check out the bonuses the Brits added to their coverage:

The border group echoed questions that Democrats have raised about Texas oil magnate Ray Hunt, whose land the fence is scheduled to bypass. Hunt recently gave $35m to help his friend George Bush build a presidential library at a Texas university. […]

About half of the planned border fence will be made of reinforced concrete, with vehicle barriers comprising the rest of its length. The Berlin wall, by contrast, was 96 miles long, while the security fence on the border between Israel and Palestine will measure about 430 miles when completed.

Note that the Berlin Wall was meant to keep people IN, and was protected by people ordered to shoot even if women and children were involved. Also, commerce wasn’t expected to still go back and forth over such a border, for obvious reason.


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