Frivolous crap time

-Watched “Jim Rome is burning” a lil bit ago. While talking to David Stern in reference to the ongoing O.J. Mayo saga over alleged NCAA violations, Jim suggested the one-year-and-out players triggered by the rule banning straight out of high school players from future NBA drafts was to blame. Attempting to make a point, Stern says, roughly, “We’ve already had that kind of question with one year players. Allen Iverson, for example…”. Problem is, Allen played two years at Georgetown, not one. Paging Matt Yglesias…

-Speaking of basketball players & controversy: since when did Charles Barkley need to borrow money?

-Closest thing to Just Say No you will ever hear me say here: If you’re ever in a situation where you’re going to a doctor’s appointment, they’re running behind schedule, and the building their office is located in has a coffee shop, skip the large espresso-infused iced latte. That shit makes you paranoid, and in the wrong environment too.

-The Roots’ “Rising Down” is the first album in the past few years I’ve heard that is actually consistently dope enough to where it deserves to be bought. Knowing my views on the RIAA, that’s more of a compliment than it sounds.

-Further on music: The split second Snoop dropped “Sexual Eruption”, T-Pain’s career should’ve been declared over. C’mon, dude that did “Deep Cover” is capable of making a better Robo-Humping song than him, throw the flag already.

-Whatever wild drug parties the black dude from CSI was allegedly involved in, I woulda loved to be a fly on the wall there. Not because of the wild achieving of Fuckedupness, but because of the shock at who it’s being connected to: nobody with a life cares what the obvious celebs are doing, it’s all about the element of surprise.

-Anyone else out there have as a pet peeve watching their parents or other relatives older than them use a new-ish piece of electronic equipment, no matter how simple the operation, in the most tedious and long-winded way possible? For example: those digital cable boxes w/ the onscreen guide complete with page & day controls on the remote, and the lack of the old-school instant channel-surf capability (or need) w/ the up/down buttons. No matter how many times I explain the range of much easier possibilities for use, my mother insists on just mashing the channel direction buttons until something interests her, two-second per-channel delays & stops on channels she never watches be damned. Due to the scarcity of programming, the rare times when I’m actually watching the TV instead of having it as background noise I plan out in blocks (I’m not kidding: the reason I have the TV on ESPN now is that the Hornets-Spurs game 6 comes on there, and nothing else between now & the game appeals to me enough to bother flipping elsewhere for the duration).

-Three words: Too. Much. Work. Amusing, but I agree with Kenji here. Besides, if I ever find a butcher that has 24-day aged ribeye at a non-extortionist price, I’m not having a burger*, I’m having a fucking steak. Specifically, one marinated Tex-Mex style and fire-grilled to medium-rare, w/ nacho cheesed potato skins & a Negra Modelo — because the Modelo that isn’t dark sucks ass, and I’m sick of Corona.

-Why does Carlos Mencia still have a show? Dude blatantly steals jokes, and isn’t even all that funny anyway whether it’s his or not. The only time I caught a glimpse of the show and laughed was that skit “Why are you afraid of a black president?”.

-Speaking of comedians, a couple more: Dane Cook is funny, but not Give That Guy Movie Roles funny. Also, I find Tina Fey surprisingly bang-worthy. Good thing I’m not from the ghetto, otherwise my pass would be revoked for that.

(* – Bonus food bloggery (!!!) edit:

Here’s what I would do to make The Ultimate Burger. Get ground steak, but don’t go overboard like the Blumenburger: your basic ribeye or sirloin from the local grocery will do. If they have some already ground at the meat counter, that’s even better because some of them get assholish and charge extra to grind it for you. Either way, make sure there’s enough meat to where one patty would be 1/3 to 1/2 pound (the pre-ground patty packs usually have between 2 & 4). If yours lean towards 1/3, then opt for a double if you’re that hungry, fuck it.

Get some bread, to be butter-toasted in the skillet before the meat goes in, bacon (thick-sliced, don’t cheap out here…), an onion, and either any kind of cheese paired with spicy mustard and mayo, or pepper jack cheese & barbecue sauce. Also, if you don’t have it, get one of those shakers of cajun seasoning, some Worcestershire sauce & some coarse black pepper.

Use some of the cajun seasoning, coarse pepper, & Worcestershire sauce to season the meat. While the meat is marinating for a bit, butter-toast the bread. Sauté some of the onion, seasoning it slightly w/ pepper & some garlic powder in the process. Cook the bacon.

Time for the meat. Throw a TINY bit of oil in the pan (I recommend corn oil). This helps lock in the juices during the first two flips, trust me. If you formed the patties yourself, only at this time can you press down on them at all, once each side has started to cook DO NOT PRESS IT ANY FURTHER. If it’s good beef then the juices should be enough to move aside the oil & keep it from sticking or burning. Try to flip it as little as possible.

Once it gets to medium-rare, put a piece of cheese on top and immediately turn the skillet off, but leave it on the burner so the cheese has a chance to melt some. Put the condiments on the bread, then another piece of cheese on one of the pieces (if it’s not the BBQ combination, use two different kinds of cheese for this). Put the meat on top, and then the onion & bacon. If the bacon hangs a substantial distance past the bread, break each piece in half and set em next to each other on it — accidentally dragging out a piece of bacon on the first bite sucks. Chow down, and enjoy the idea that somewhere, with each bite, a vegetarian sheds a tear…)


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