"…and I say it with authority!"

Another no-knock.  Another innocent man given the Tony Montana treatment.  This time he didn’t even have a gun that WORKED, it was just for looks to scare off intruders.  The cops mistook jewelry making supplies for drug paraphernalia, and saw fit to knock down the door & damn near murder this guy, and then had the NERVE to charge him with assault when he didn’t fire a single shot, meanwhile the cops left an irretrievable bullet near his heart.  Radley has the whole story, try not to throw your monitor in a fit of rage while reading it.

Radical times forge radical people.  This goes on long enough, there won’t be enough handcuffs for them to lock up everyone that ends up Cory Maye instead of Kathryn Johnson.  This is clearly thanks to the War on Drugs, and would cease with its peaceful end.  Sadly, it looks like that conclusion will not be realized until after more bodies needlessly pile up.  If this is what it takes, then so much for civil society, interesting times for all…


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One Response to "…and I say it with authority!"

  1. Jeremy says:

    Right on; well said.

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