Missouri kicks ass (and other observations)

-I just got back from an event where they had beer and all you can eat chicken wings. An’ it was for CHARITY! That’s my kind of givin’, hells yeah!

-Um…oh yeah, Microsoft can suck my dick. What someone plays on their portable video/audio player should be none of their damn business. What’s the deal with this gradual overriding of the proper concept of what it means to buy something? I pay you for a product, from then on it is mine, I can do whatever I feel like with it, if you have any power over me whatsoever then I am merely renting, which means you lied to me in the process of buying it. THAT, folks, is why I bought a no-name mp3 player, it was cheaper and they understood their role, which was to give me the ability to play mp3s on it, and stay out of my way.

-Remember that book about Cocaine I mentioned here before? Lately I’ve been rereading it, and I notice a curious undercurrent behind the history of yayo that says a lot about class, race & the true nature of international trade. That it all started with incas chewing a leaf and getting a buzz akin to some really good coffee, then went on to being exploited to keep them in what might as well have been slave labor by the imperialist invaders of the time, only to be distilled to its purest state and used for medical purposes w/ a wink and nod towards the global corporations that were dealing the shit, only for the world to freak once the people where coca actually grew started getting paid off of it, really says a lot. It’s fast becoming a cliche here, but I gotta say it in reference to how people south of the border took up demand of such a popular product: what the fuck did you expect? It’s highly ironic that the easiest way of dealing with the street crime in the US due to the drug trade — calling off this retarded-ass “War on Drugs” — would, if one seriously thought about it, actually make it much less lucrative. The status quo, functionally speaking, is no different from simply subsidizing the production of Young Jeezy’s Favorite Subject.

-Irony is…the office responsible for enforcing whistleblower protections & anti-discrimination meansures within the gov’t being investigated for violating whistleblower protections & anti-discrimination measures.

-Associated Press: “Borrowing is higher than expected“. Gee, ya think?!?

-Last but definitely not least, some good news for the ladies with Backtion: a recent study suggests that a certain type of hip and butt fat actually helps prevent diabetes.


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