Good. Now, the logical conclusion…

Shorter Brad Reed: “If you have a chance in hell of political power, you are part of the elite.  Calling other elites ‘elitist’ is horseshit.”

Of course they’re the elite.  For the most part they generally come from the same narrow spectrum of US life, and operate as if no other people exist — or worse, as if those other people just need to be beaten into submission for their own good.   By definition the average Joe has no say, because 1) there’s really no such thing in a functional sense (blahblahopinionsdifferblah) & 2) whatever else non-elites disagree on, they tend to agree on general grounds of fairness that their sweat should benefit them & not people who happen to be friends with elite types.

So…why do the elites have authorization to use force to get their way again?  I forgot that excuse.


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