“Chopper City” is getting kinda crowded…

Blahblahtypical”ooh, scary guns!“storyblah:

The cake had been served and the children were jumping up and down in a big, inflatable castle when the birthday party turned to bedlam.

Clarence McGraw’s jaw dropped as he saw the visitors coming, guns drawn. The screaming began.

Children ran everywhere in the courtyard of the low-income apartment complex; adults fell to the ground. Bullets flew. The killers wounded three youngsters, but for reasons police can’t explain, it was 19-year-old McGraw they were after.

As McGraw lay in the center of the green square, the gunmen stood over him and fired again. He was shot 15 to 20 times in all.

The Sept. 15 killing was remarkable in that it took place in the most innocent of settings — the fifth birthday of twin boys. But it was unremarkable in that one of the guns brandished was an AK-47-type rifle — a powerful, rapid-fire weapon that has long been used in Third World conflicts but is increasingly being used in American street fights.

Figures from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, obtained by The Associated Press through public records requests, show a marked increase in the number of AK-type weapons traced and entered into the agency’s computer database because they had been seized or connected to a crime.

[anti-2nd-Amendment alarmist]”See!  You let Brady expire and now these thugs are running the streets with assault weapons!!  We must have more gun control, NOW!  Think about the children!”[/anti-2nd-Amendment alarmist]

^^^^whoever this is might want to read the next line…

The number of such tracings rose even while the federal assault weapons ban was in effect and has continued to climb since its expiration.

Since 1993, the year before the ban took affect, ATF has recorded a more than sevenfold increase in 7.62x39mm guns — which includes the original Russian-made AK-47 and a variety of copycats from around the world. The number of AK-type guns rose from 1,140 in 1993 to 8,547 last year. (emphasis mine)

Uh, yeah, kinda hard to argue that banning them worked when more showed up regardless of the law.
The article goes on to mention a couple of other cases, one being a cop killed at a traffic stop by someone with an AK, and quote a couple of cops saying they’re in an “arms race”.  Please.  These are the kind of rare cases that are always thrown into the spotlight to justify further blurring what little line is left between the police and military forces.  Common sense says this isn’t the status quo because AKs are kinda hard to conceal, and when you’re doing something highly illegal, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, y’know?  Violent Criminal is already a difficult enough profession without wondering how the hell you’re going to walk with an AK-47 down your pants.

Sure enough, some out there will realize the logic of my previous statement and think that means handguns are “the real problem”.  No, because as already demonstrated, the type of people who you want to keep weapons away from inherently don’t give a fuck about what is legal and what isn’t.  The true issue is that we have a rather uniquely violent culture here, in which we will kill each other over some of the smallest, dumbest things possible — how long ago was it kids were being murdered for their shoes? — yet we insist on quibbling over the means instead of the why.


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