So I’m normal on one thing, I guess…

Ron Bailey wants to know if anyone else is as rah-rah about transhumanism as he is, and posted a helpful quiz about it.

I took it & got the following result:

You Score as a Bio-Conservative

Bioconservatives are generally hesitant about biotechnological development, especially if it is perceived as threatening a social order. Strict bioconservatives tend to oppose the genetic and cognitive modification of human beings.

Opposition of medical and other technological advances is generally justified in the defense of “the natural” and what it means to be human. However, bioconservatism and technology are not mutually exclusive when it comes to science that does not challenge current bioethical norms.

While they are not categorically dismissive or in direct opposition to all technology, most bioconservatives feel that the progression of biotechnology is a danger that often outweighs the benefits, particularly those technologies that may erode the traditional family structure or religious values. Specific examples of these technologies include embryonic stem-cell research, chimera research, and therapeutic cloning.

Your Results

You scored as a BC
7.7% of people also scored as BC

Other Results
1.3% of people scored as BL
0.1% of people scored as LU
73.2% of people scored as TB
0.5% of people scored as TC
17.3% of people scored as TP

Share your answers with your friends!

Copy and past the code in the box into your blog or a message board post and see who else is ready to push the bounds of what it means to be human.

I’m not surprised about it, but the description of why is way off. I could care less about “traditional values” or “the family”, my stance would be more accurately described as “sure you can DO it, but why? What’s the point?”. Living longer and healthier would be nice, but uploading my mind into a computer to live forever as machine code or becoming a cyborg just sounds like some sci-fi geeks wanting to bring to life their childhood wet dreams.

As for elective bioengineering: eh, I like people being different. Although, any development in bio technology that would let women who want bigger tits & a shapelier ass actually grow them instead of getting implants would get the thumbs up from me. I can ease off on the integrity if it means more Kim Kardashians walking around.


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One Response to So I’m normal on one thing, I guess…

  1. ka1igu1a says:

    so surprise for me, Transhumanist-Biotech

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