From Elsewhere: 2nd level link edition

-Via this Balloon Juice post: If Ann Coulter liveblogged the Gettysburg Address.

-Speaking of time travel…This story Radley Balko found is hilarious.  Dork Humor at its best…

Vache Folle links to Tbogg.  Tbogg points out to us Dan Riehl being Riehly stupid.

-Two symptoms of the same disease: Cunning Realist shows Cheney begging our Saudi pushers not to cut us off, and a commenter links to this emphasis of just how absurd (and wildly incompatible with alleged representative rule) the Fed’s recent actions are.

Jeremy gets a heads up on a rather grim occurrence: Tent cities and squatters…in the suburbs?!?

-From a commenter on this Kevin Drum post: apparently the gov’ts terrorist watch list is so bloated — and the ones reading it are so dumb — that it’s snared 12 people named Robert Johnson, a Marine, several congressmen, and a 6-year-old kid.  Also, note that an anti-Bush author ended up having issues flying.  Hmmm…

-Some funny to finish off: Cynapse shares some fave strips from Garfield Minus Garfield.  I gotta say, that’s more clever than you’d think at first.  For example, Jon somehow gets philosophical, self-aware AND blatantly screwed in the head in this one.


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