Note to self: practice changing the channel faster

During a lull in the Cavs-Pistons game earlier, caught wind of Glenn Beck deliver roughly the following:

“If it seems like there isn’t much coverage of the Iraq war these days, you’re not just imagining things.  The media is avoiding it.  Not because they’re burned out on the story itself or because it’s too difficult to cover, no, but because WE’RE WINNING!!!”

Gee, by that logic they must’ve found a cure for AIDS.  I haven’t heard squat about that lately either.  Well, except for that episode of South Park, that was funny as hell.  Anyone see the one they had tonight?  I swear, I dunno how they do it after all this time, still fresh and still hilarious.  WTF happened to Kenny though?  Speaking of Kenny…that “Kenny vs Spenny” show is weird.  The torture competition one actually had me questioning my taste in entertainment, especially when Spenny tried to shove a huge frozen hotdog up his…waitaminute, where was I?

Oh yeah.  Glenn Beck is a fucking idiot.


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