Laws as Zombies: an example

While looking at various news stuff online, found the following bit concerning the remote possibility of charges for Spitzer:

Among the possible charges that could be brought against Spitzer: soliciting and paying for sex; violating the Mann Act, the 1910 federal law that makes it a crime to induce someone to cross state lines for immoral purposes; and illegally arranging cash transactions to conceal their purpose. (emphasis mine)

The Mann Act?  That sounds familiar, where have I heard that before?

Oh…Goddamn, that law still exists?  Why?  The original point of it was bigoted hysteria that white women were being turned into sex slaves in droves, and it is & always has been ridiculously broad in scope, even if you accept the stated aim of it.  There is already a law against transporting people against their will for any reason — the charge is called “kidnapping” — so on top of being built on an outdated and downright ridiculous foundation it’s redundant.

Seriously, we’re still referring to “immoral purposes” as reason to lock people up?  WTF is this, Iran?


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