Unintentional Symbolism

As is obvious now, the last semblance of intellect within what is for some reason still referred to as “conservatism” has clearly left this planet.  Earlier today, the intellectual “father” of “conservatism” just followed it to the exit.

Don’t get me wrong: he was an admitted elitist, and IMO culturally backwards.  But when it comes to direct opposition, I appreciate some discernible train of thought behind it.  I’ve shared drinks with people who couldn’t possibly be more opposed to my views, with nary a nod to it being awkward, because their views flowed from something.  Try doing that with someone ideologically raised on Rush Limbaugh — but call a lawyer first to defend you from the inevitable assault charge when you kick his teeth in.

A couple choice remarks on this from others: 

  • John Cole notes how the fever swamp crowd at RedState would probably consider Buckley a traitor for observing how much of a failure Junior is.
  • David Boaz uses more words than I would to say “damn, on the rare moments where he said the right thing the dumbasses completely ignored him anyway”.
  • Jim Wilson describes him as his “gateway drug” on his way to libertarianism.  I had a similar experience, except mine was P.J. O’Rourke circa his Rolling Stone days.

Basically, other than Cunning Realist, if your name isn’t Andrew Sullivan and you genuinely consider yourself a “conservative” these days…you fail.


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