“Ve half vays of makeeng yoo buy stuff…”

At the crossroads of the “stimulus package”, yet more bailouts of Big Financial, and the antics of Helicopter Ben, Balloon Juice commenter “RSA” sums the point of this mess up rather cleverly:

“Stop moneyboarding me! I can’t take it! I’ll go shopping, I promise!”

Above that one, “Conservatively Liberal” describes as “Communistic Capitalism/Capitalistic Communism” what I used to call “Corporate Socialism” until I realized that it was actually capitalism.  This cycle of appropriation so business interests can make deals that amount to verifiable insanity, then get the State to wipe their slate clean by shifting the burden of their bad ideas onto the general public is nothing new, we’ve just applied it to banking these days as opposed to the widget-making described in history books.  That “stimulus” check is just a glove temporarily put on the fist we usually get, as an addressing of the real issue inherently would introduce a critique of why the government even gives a fuck in the first place — and we can’t have THAT…


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