I agree w/ Matt Yglesias on something

Marion for Shaq is the dumbest trade I’ve ever seen. First I can recall that actually makes both teams WORSE. Think about it:

-Who’s going to play center on the Heat? Would Marion be the new 1st option on offense, or would he be 2nd banana to Wade? If they sign-‘n’-trade after the season, who the hell do they think they’ll be able to get?
-Who honestly thinks Shaq can play the Suns’ style? If they slow down to accomodate him, wouldn’t that make Nash a liability overnight? Sure Stoudamire has been playing the 5 at the size of a 4, but considering his numbers in that situation why change it? And seriously folks, WTF compels someone to get rid of a player who is damn near a guaranteed double-double every night AND has three point range? Marion was basically the 2nd coming of Barkley, except w/ the extra 30 pounds swapped out for Pippen-esque smothering defense, and they’re moving him for someone who is pretty much nailed to the floor these days.

Even if they insisted on getting rid of Marion, Marcus Camby* would’ve been a better fit. He’s a veteran too, but still much quicker than O’Neal, and already plays the interior enforcer role that they’re expecting of Shaq, so there’d be no chance at all of him bitching about not getting the ball enough — hell, he’s playing with Iverson right now, you can’t be selfish with that dude on the floor with you. This is so far into Stupid-with-a-capital-S territory that their GMs must be on crack, if Shaq passes that physical and the trade goes through, I’m not changing the roster on 2k8 to reflect it, fuck that.

(* – I’m not even pretending to know the salary cap stuff.  I say this because it would make sense, not because I think it’s financially plausible.  One thing is for sure: Miami had better draft a fucking Center after this season ends.) 


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