Gaaaah!!! My eyes!!!

While flipping through channels waiting for either Duke vs North Carolina or a new Mythbusters, caught Bill O’Reilly in his “talking points” recommend to McCain that he fill his VP slot w/ Condi.  Think about the myriad layers of Crazy you have to get through before you see any kind of logic behind that remark…


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One Response to Gaaaah!!! My eyes!!!

  1. Vache Folle says:

    Why not Gary Coleman? He’s black and lovable and can come up with a snappy response in debates: “WutchootalkinboutObama?” Condi is just creepy, like Dick Cheney in dominatrix boots.

    Or how about Michael Jackson? Sure, he might be a pedophile and he makes his kids wear masks, but he’d be so much more credible than Condi.

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