Stimulus…of egos

Roughly overheard moments ago on CNN: Bush, re: the “stimulus package”:

“This bill shouldn’t be held up, it’s important.  The sooner people get their check, the faster the stimulus can work”.

The unspoken assumptions in this are so big they make Deelishis‘ ass look small in comparison.  Yeesh…

First off, consider where that money is coming from — tax dollars.  How exactly does giving back money that was taken help the economy any more than simply not taking it in the first place?  Sure, psychologically some people are happy as hell when they get a refund when they do their taxes, but the conventional wisdom is built on a foundation of ignorance; a refund means the government got interest off of something they never should’ve had.  Being happy about that development strikes me as a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

As if this isn’t enough, consider what is meant by “stimulus”.  To our alleged representatives, the problem with the economy is that people aren’t spending enough.  One look at the amount of debt we’re holding explodes that one.  More than likely, most of the stimulus money is going to be used to pay bills — that is, unless we wish to court even more disaster.  Funny, because the one other thing that would make sense to do with it, saving the money, would render their whole plan moot.

Of course, the worst of all the implications here is that the current downturn is a minor fluctuation, rather than systemic in nature.   This actually contradicts itself, as if it’s a minor thing then why is legislation being proposed at all?  The only answer here is that it’s yet another face-saving move, as image is more important than results in politics.


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