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Maybe the apocalypse DID happen and we don’t realize it yet…

Bush, responding to a question at a press conference about gas prices: I’ve been talking about gas prices ever since they got high, starting with this — look, I understand gas prices are like a hidden tax. Not a hidden … Continue reading

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About those “gel bombs”…

John Lopez of has a unique criticism of the TSA.  When it comes to handling your fluids, they answer Bush’s “Holy Shit!” with a “yeah whatever…”.

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A public service announcement

If you’re reading this, Iran did not trigger Armaggeddon yesterday, despite the whisperings of the neos.  That is all.

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A stroke of (sub)genius from the Right…

Everyone has their priorities.  For these people, it’s making sure you don’t whack off in your hotel room: Pornographic movies now seem nearly as pervasive in America’s hotel rooms as tiny shampoo bottles, and the lodging industry shows little concern … Continue reading

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In the “things I will never understand” department…

Population density in the US is such that there are huge areas of the country where your nearest neighbor might be miles away.  Cost of living is generally lower in the middle of the country.  Yet an empty lot in … Continue reading

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Book recommendation

This is what I’m reading right now: “Chasing Ghosts: a soldier’s fight for america from baghdad to washington“.  The author is a veteran of the current Iraq war & talks about the kind of crap he went through.  First thing … Continue reading

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This just in: children are kinda stupid

For some reason I watched part of that Dateline on food advertizing. A little bit ago, there was a part where they did an “experiment” of sorts where they took a group of 6-year-olds & had them choose between two … Continue reading

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