Government-approved highs are the worst…

Right accusation, wrong drug. Smokes are getting stronger — the legal kind, that is:

Even as measures to discourage smoking grew more stringent in recent years, a new report indicates that the nicotine content of cigarettes rose, making it tougher for smokers to quit.

From 1998 to 2004, the amount of nicotine that could be inhaled from cigarettes increased an average of 10 percent, the study by the state Department of Public Health found. Nicotine is the chemical that causes cigarettes to be addictive, and the study, released yesterday, found higher levels in all classes of cigarettes, including those branded “light.”

During the past decade, aggressive campaigns across the nation have aimed to curb smoking, the leading cause of preventable deaths. Cities and states, including Massachusetts, have banned smoking in public places, and the price of cigarettes has soared. Still, smoking rates among US adults stubbornly persist above 20 percent.

Hmm. As the taxes on tobacco have shot up, in attempts to punish people for smoking, the amount of nicotine has been increased so people stay hooked. Now, this may sound a bit tinfoilhat-ish, but does it seem to anyone else that the combination of higher nicotine & higher taxes on cigarettes could be intentional? Smoking is disproportionately a poverty-level & working-class thing, so morally you could say that the net effect of punative taxes on tobacco is a tax increase on the poor.
Why am I going off on cigarettes, you ask? Simple: the things that health-nazi types complain about with regards to tobacco are not an issue with marijuana. No one has ever gotten lung cancer from smoking only weed, it is not addictive, it even has demonstrated health uses. Yet it’s illegal. The reason it’s illegal is because it is too easy to grow yourself, thus corporatizing the distribution of it would be pretty much impossible; if it were legal to have a few pot plants then most people who smoked weed would grow their own. The government doesn’t like it when you cut out the middle man.
Call me crazy, but I personally believe that marijuana should be promoted as a substitute. The research is in favor of weed, if enough of the right people knew the truth then that’d make legalization that much easier.
As always, your thoughts are welcome. Yell at me, people…


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