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Anti-war protesters to Bush: “Ok, you wanna mess with our lives?  Fine, we’ll mess with yours!”

At every wedding, it seems, something happens not according to plan. Expect the unexpected, planners warn. But how many brides and grooms expect a peace protest?

That is what happens when the president shows up for the ceremony in the midst of a polarizing war. About 700 demonstrators marched past the seaside church where President Bush’s second cousin was to be married Saturday and then up to the checkpoint guarding the family summer compound to protest the war in Iraq.

The protesters left a few hours before the service so as not to disrupt the event itself, but they took advantage of the president’s visit to make their point and showcase their opposition to a war that polls show has lost most of the public’s support. Just as Bush found himself trailed to Texas by war opponents last year, now he has been dogged to his parents’ getaway on the rocky shores of the Maine coast.

I can’t even begin to imagine the psychological effect this has to be having.  Being literally shadowed by people for whom you’re a mindless provocateur at best & morally equivalent to a murderer at worst, over a policy on which a majority think you’re wrong and thousands have died for it?  He may want a drink soon.

So, what do you do when confronted by this?  Why, send out a spokesperson to make a backhanded slap of a comment!

If Bush or the family was irked, they gave no public indication. “As the president has said, Americans are free to protest,” spokeswoman Dana Perino said. “Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in our country, which is fundamentally different to the terrorists’ plans for the world.” (emphasis mine)

This is like a two-for-one shot. She simultaneously reinforces the nonsensical claim that the war in Iraq is part of the “war on terror”, and insinuates that the only reason anyone is protesting is “they just don’t UNDERSTAND!!”, as if any actions other than blind support for Bush’s policies can only mean you think terrorism would be no issue if only we sat down for tea with Osama.  This woman has a gift for bullshit!  To get off such a huge smear in such short space, that takes skill, give her a raise.

For awhile at first I thought some of the crew gathering around Cindy Sheehan would’ve tainted the opposition effort as a stereotypically “leftyhippie” thing & doomed the arguement to fall on deaf ears.  I gotta say, I am damn glad I was wrong.


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