Sometimes a pump is just a pump…

Kinda funny, kinda sad, all stupid: some dude going on a trip to Turkey with his mother packed a penis pump in his luggage.  Security stopped him thinking it looked “suspicious”, and depending on who you believe he either whispered to one of them that it was a pump or he jokingly said it was a bomb.  Either way, they heard “bomb”, and he’s facing a felony disorderly conduct charge w/ three years in prison if convicted.

Interesting enough, but there’s a twist there: the guys name is “Madin Azad Amin”.

Now, this is just speculation, but it sounds to me like regardless of what he actually said there could’ve been a prejudicial reason behind taking it so seriously.  If he said it was a pump then it’s conveivable the security guard objected to his discretion such that she warped it, and if he said it was a bomb then the line between “haha, piss off” & potentially going to prison for a joke rested on whether that particular guard had a bias against people that are, look like, or have names like muslims (there was no description of his appearance).


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