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Some scientists in Massachusetts just may have brewed up a hot batch of STFU for the “stem cell research is MURDER!!!” crowd:

Massachusetts scientists announced yesterday that they have created the first human embryonic stem cells using a technique that does not require the destruction of an embryo — an advance they said could end the bitter political standoff over stem-cell research.

The new research, performed at the Worcester laboratories of the biotech firm Advanced Cell Technology , shows that a single cell from an early embryo can be used to generate embryonic stem cells. Fertility clinics can already remove a single cell from an embryo to test for genetic defects, and the ACT team suggests this procedure could be adapted to create embryonic stem cells. Such cells now are created by destroying embryos. […]

“My hope is that this will jump-start this field,” said Dr. Robert Lanza , a scientist at Advanced Cell Technology who oversaw the research. “We really need to get past all of this politics.”

Now, we’ve already established that fertility clinics routinely destroy embryos anyway.  The opposition to embryonic stem-cell research rarely ever factors that into their barking.  With this we get that a single cell can be removed without destroying the embryo — which fertility clinics are already doing for other purposes.  If this pans out & the “culture of life” lobby continues to scream, then one can only conclude they are a) viewing everything from a religious stance & have no business arguing science, & b)  hypocrites for not yelling about fertility clinics*.
(* – I’ve heard of devout catholics doing this, but they don’t make up much of the crowd.  Most are what I’d call “identity christians”, when it comes down to it they care more about being angry at something than about what they claim to follow — or consistency.)


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